What is a Referral / Promo Code?

When you fill in a request for services at RecomN.com, the form will also include a section called "Referral / Promo Code".

Promo Codes

When we run a customer promotion or offer, for example "Get RM10 off your aircon servicing", we will advertise a promo code. E.g. "GIVEMEAIRCONSERVICING"

When you submit a request for aircon servicing, you just need to input this code to take advantage of the offer.

Referral Codes

Referral codes are given to every user who has signed up, or made a request on RecomN.com. An example of a referral code could be "ALBERTLEE99"

When you invite your friends to join RecomN.com, you can tell them to enter "ALBERTLEE99" when filling in our request form. Then both of you will get rewarded! Learn more.


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    are you help me what is this referrfal promo code

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